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This is a sub-location within the University, after having obtained access to a laboratory from one of the University's Deans. This requires having a good standing with the university. Any cards that have been drawn earlier are retained.

See Category:University Laboratory (Place) for cards or storylets that are found in this place or location.

See Category:University Laboratory (Place) Moves for actions that change player location to this location.

See University Laboratory (Guide) for a player-created guide to this location.

Unlocked with Your Own Lab

Main Quality: Owl Watchful


  • Card deck: Cards - University Laboratory (Place)
  • The deck in this location is unlimited. You do not need to wait to draw a new card.
  • The hand size in this location is always 3, regardless of your Lodgings.
  • When you leave this location to a location with a limited deck size your deck will refresh your deck to its maximum capacity.

Because it only takes 2 actions to enter and leave, the Laboratory is an excellent place to perform deck-refill-based grinding.

Wiki note: You cannot trade items with the Bazaar, nor use items in this location, despite the rest of London being just outside. Many of the cards can be discarded.

Managing Lab FacilitiesEdit

Conducting Scientific InvestigationsEdit

Training of StudentsEdit


Dismissal StoryletsEdit

These storylets allow you to remove experts from your lab. All can be re-hired later, although after completing Bagalegend Ambition: Bag a Legend!, April is more complicated to re-hire.

Ambition-specific StoryletsEdit

Miscellaneous StoryletsEdit

  • Tea Consume Darkdrop Coffee: This was introduced to let players use Darkdrop coffee, and because drinking coffee in a lab would be believably possible.


If Sidebarwounds Wounds, Sidebarnightmares Nightmares, or Sidebarscandal Scandal reach level 5 or higher, a non-discardable card is added to your deck for each of the aforementioned qualities. However, the player is not sent to menace location if any menace reaches 8.

The University Lab also has an additional menace called Fist Disgruntlement among the Students. Reaching level 4 will add a non-discardable card to the deck. Reaching level 6 adds a card which fires immediately upon being drawn.

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