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From: Ambition: Nemesis - the Glistering Spires

You press your lips to the warm metal. "It began with a murder..."

Game Instructions: You need a combined Ruthless and Heartless of 10 or more for this.

Unlocked with Nemesis Ambition: Nemesis exactly 60, Quirkruthless Quirkheartless HeartlessRuthless at least 10


Once upon a time

[…] You recount […] your New Newgate escape […] the […] Bee-Keeper. […] the locksmith Mackay. […] gaoler's honey. […] the […] Chambers of the Heart. […] The Cage-Garden […] Venderbight. […] Carrywell, the Iron Republic, Scathewi- A lock clicks. […]

Player summary:
You tell your entire story of your pursuit of the Ambition so far, including all the places you've been to and people you've met. The door has had enough.

[Find the rest of the story at]

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