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From: Preparations

Let them go.

Unlocked with Owl Watchful 50, Well Fasting and Meditating to a Foolish End 0-10

Locked with Coingold Fistful of Surface Currency, Ring diamondsmall Twelve-Carat Diamond Ring, Sapphire Sapphire, Ruby Venom-ruby, Shard Shard of Glim, Diamond Flawed Diamond, Diamondblue Ostentatious Diamond, Diamondred Magnificent Diamond, Diamondpurple Fabulous Diamond, more than Banknotes 777 x Penny


You have read:

"There are jewels in the High Wilderness - not the stars that we see from earth, but the jewels of searing and cooling, of the exotic incandescences of the deep void. ... The Twelve gave them up, when they took the Courier's bargain."

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