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From: London's Blood

They titillate the imagination. They make sleep more fascinating than anything London can offer.

Unlocked with Waves Having Recurring Dreams: Death by Water 10, Clouds Having Recurring Dreams: What the Thunder Said 15, Flames Having Recurring Dreams: The Fire Sermon 15, Bandagedman Having Recurring Dreams: The Burial of the Dead 15, Eye Having Recurring Dreams: Is Someone There? 15, Pawn Having Recurring Dreams: A Game of Chess 15


Horn and Ivory

The ideas, […] the truths that fill your dreams – are as much part of yourself as anything you experience awake. […] Perhaps you do not sleep at all. […] "You too?" she whispers.[…] "I once dreamed that— No. This is not the place for confessions."[…]

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  • Keygoldsmall An occurrence! Your 'London's Blood' Quality is now 3 - Living in dreams!
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